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"Springboards and More is a company that keeps its word and delivers even more!! They handled all the details from ordering to shipping and even tracking our shipment -- AND they gave us the best price around.

Thank you, Springboards and More from the over 3,000 members of the BHCP !"

Arlene Platt, Manager
Berkeley Heights Community Pool
Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

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Round Tye-Dye Divers Shammy

Round Tye-Dye Divers Shammy

Product Item Number: RNDTYEDYE
Price: $24.85
Discount Pricing Information
Customers will receive a 5% discount for all orders that are PRE-PAID by Certified Check, Personal Check, Business Check or Money Order. (Credit Card orders and Wire Transfers are NOT eligible for the 5% discount). High Schools, Colleges, Parks and Rec. Departments and other organizations that have been granted non-profit status ( IRS 501-C3) may be eligible for discounted pricing. Please call to check if you are eligible.
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Round Tye-Dye Divers Shammy

Did you see many of the divers on at the Olympic Games using Tye Dye Sammys and Towels? Thatís right -- they got them from us and so can you!

  • A Round Tye-Dye "Aqua Towel" is tye-dyed using bright colors and unusual patterns. You've seen these at many of the big national meets --now you can order one for yourself.
  • Each towel is 15.5-inches in diameter
  • Be sure to write your name on your Sammy with indelible marker as soon as you get it to help insure you do not lose it at practice or a big diving meet!
  • Bold and creative designs you see on these aqua towels require extensive use of dyes. The chlorine contained in pool water will help to rinse much of the excess dye from the Sammys after two or three rinses. These Sammys will not "bleed out," but due to the fact, they are used in chlorinated water additional dye is used to make the colors hold.
  • Each Tye Dye Aqua Towel comes in a large Zip Lock plastic bag that should be used to hold the towel until the dye sets.
  • Product images PICTURED ABOVE represent a small sampling of the numerous color combinations ... No two are alike!
  • Sold individualy - price listed is for one towel.

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